On 8 October 2019, IWGB launched the UCL End Outsourcing Campaign. Since then, we have achieved many things: outsourcing has been brought to light at UCL and our strikes have led to immediate improvements to our terms and conditions.

Moreover, we have achieved a unity and solidarity among workers never seen at UCL. These past few months have consolidated the IWGB as union at UCL and shown UCL’s cleaners and porters have the strenght to bring change.

However, much remains to be done. UCL’S promises of improvement are a good sign, but they are not enough. We have a lot to accomplish before us:

  1. We must continue to fight for a decent salary
  2. We need to fight for the elimination of zero hour contracts
  3. We must ensure that sick pay is confirmed and implemented
  4. and the most fundamental: we will continue to fight for the IN-HOUSE!

On Saturday 8 February, come to our campaign meeting to discuss these demands and decide the strategy of our campaign.

This is your oppotunity to define the direction of our campaign and of the IWGB at UCL.

You decide the next steps of this campaign! You are the union!