Over 120 UCL security officers currently employed by the security contractor Axis have signed an open letter to UCL’s University Council detailing their demands for equality of terms and conditions for outsourced staff at UCL and for an end to outsourcing.

These officers are essential to the operation of UCL, and the unequal conditions under which they work are a disgrace. This is only made worse by the incompetence of the contractor Axis who in their second year on the contract are still unable to pay staff correctly.

They have asked that this letter is circulated to the full University Council, and discussed at their meeting tomorrow.

The resolution requested by the officers is that the contract be terminated and that they be brought in-house on equal terms and conditions as the former UCL security officers.

See the full letter and signatures here, and please contact Charlie (charliemacnamara@iwgb.co.uk) with any questions.