COVID 19 Emergency/Update 17.03.2019

On March 12 IWGB wrote to the University of London to confirm that they are taking the necessary health and safety measures for the current context and to demand full payment in case of isolation without this being deducted from their sick leave balance

Yesterday we wrote to the University after some members working in residences expressed concern that students in the residence are in isolation because of symptoms. We have demanded clarification of the situation in the Halls of Residence and the protocol being followed.

The IWGB has also informed the University know that the current situation would require specific risk assessments under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH). This implies:

1. finding out what the health hazards are;

2. deciding how to prevent damage to health (risk assessment);

3. Providing control measures to reduce damage to health;

4. Ensure that they are used;

5. maintaining all control measures in good working order;

6. Provide information, instruction and training for employees and others;

7. providing health supervision and monitoring in appropriate cases

8. emergency planning.

We would like to reiterate one message to all of our members: If you have not been provided with information or do not believe that adequate safety measures are being taken, do not work. If you do not feel safe, please contract your Union Reps immediately

IWGB Reps have also been contacted by some members who suffer of health conditions or are in charge of people who are at risk. These people are concerned about the coronavirus outbreak and (1) whether they need to come to work or not, as they prefer to stay away from risks, and (2) whether they can get paid if they do. The union is working to provide support with this.

If you are in this situation too, please contact your Trade Union Representatives. It would be helpful to know who needs support with this.