IWGB wrote to UCL earlier this week to demand full payment for those who develop symptoms and need to be isolated at home or in hospital.

UCL has replied and confirmed that all workers, including outsourced staff, will be paid full pay for 14 days if they develop symptoms and have to be isolated.

We are now pushing for confirmation that UCL will also give full sick pay to all outsourced workers who have to take sick leave. Although UCL announced in the Autumn improvements to sick pay for outsourced staff, those improvements will only be introduced in July on the current schedule, the current emergency justifies UCL moving forward with these plans and introducing full sick pay for all outsourced workers immediately.

We have also written to Axis and demanded that Axis implement the necessary health and safety measures and ensures that disinfectant gel is available to all workers. If you have other health and safety concerns related to this issue, please contact the union so we can raise these concerns and look for solutions.

We would simply like to remind you that in this situation it is important to remain calm and follow established procedures, but also to demand that companies comply with health and safety standards at the workplace.

Any problem please report it to us (charliemacnamara@iwgb.co.uk), and we will keep you updated