If you would like the IWGB reps to raise an issue concerning your particular workplace, or a general issue concerning the University or staff overall then please do get in touch with your local reps.

IWGB has fought long and hard to have an official seat at the table with UoL management.  Now that we have one we are very keen to use it for the benefit of staff.  So please do get in touch with any feedback or suggestions!

Finance, ICT and CoSector: Colin Watson (colin.watson@london.ac.uk)

P & FM: Abdul Bakhsh (abdul.bakhsh@london.ac.uk) and Jelony Nwaneri (jelony.nwaneri@london.ac.uk)

School of Advanced Study: Jonathan Blaney (jonathan.blaney@sas.ac.uk), Lindsey Caffin (lindsey.caffin@sas.ac.uk), Mark Murphy (mark.murphy@sas.ac.uk), Damien Short (damien.short@sas.ac.uk) and Martin Steer (martin.steer@sas.ac.uk)

Senate House Library: Leila Kassir (leila.kassir@london.ac.uk) and Elizabeth Morcom (elizabeth.morcom@london.ac.uk)

UoLIA: Adrian Calo(adrian.calo@london.ac.uk), Bill Kelliher (bill.kelliher@london.ac.uk), Leman Mehmet (leman.mehmet@london.ac.uk), Catherine Morrissey (catherine.morrissey@london.ac.uk) and Simon Nightingale (simon.nightingale@london.ac.uk).

If you would like to be a rep just drop Lindsey (lindsey.caffin@sas.ac.uk) a line and we can see if there are any vacancies in your area!