SoniaThe Vice-Chancellor of the University of London, Professor Sir Adrian Smith, has refused the offer of a meeting made to him by IWGB Vice-Chair and leading 3 Cosas Campaign activist Sonia Chura.

Ms Chura in her letter detailed the continuing unequal treatment received by outsourced workers at the University, reminding the VC that ‘the majority of the outsourced workers at the University, currently employed by BBW and Aramark, receive only statutory sick pay and the legal minimum of holidays and pension provision’ and warning him that the University ‘is increasingly being seen as being synonymous with hypocrisy and exploitation’.

In his short response, Sir Adrian stated that ‘it would not be appropriate for us to meet’, and falls back on the claim that the University is engaged in ongoing talks with ‘our recognised union [UNISON] and with the employers of the contract staff’. The outsourced workers say they are completely in the dark regarding these alleged talks, which in any case are meaningless when undertaken with a union that does not represent them.

Ms Chura stressed in a second letter that the important thing is to resolve these issues: ‘all we are asking for are the same sick pay, holiday and pension rights as the rest of the University’s employees, rights which are just as vital for us as they are for you’. Sir Adrian was unable to reply to this himself, instead delegating an employee to provide the University’s stock non-response.

Read the full correspondence here.