garden hallsThere have been some rumours that the demolition of the Garden Halls has been confirmed for June 2014, and that only Unison members’ jobs will be protected when that happens.

This is not true.

The IWGB has been talking with BBW and the University and we would like to reassure members that no decision has been made about the demolition of the halls. We will maintain contact with both employers and inform you as soon as anything is known about this.

The IWGB knows that everyone who works at the Garden Halls is worried about what may happen, and it is our top priority to protect people’s jobs. Your job future will not be decided based which union you are a member of! The IWGB is a legally recognised Trade Union and can protect you at work.

Closure date

The University’s Director of Capital Projects, Martin Birchett, confirmed that “The application is due to be heard on 15th August” by Camden Council, which alone has the power to approve or reject the project.

Peter Brench has also confirmed that BBW do not know the decision yet. He said: “I am waiting on formal notification of any closure and its likely date.”

Union membership

It is illegal for any employer to target people for redundancy based on whether or not they are a member of any union, or because of membership of any other group or organisation. If necessary, the IWGB would take the strongest action against any attempt to do so.

However, we are satisfied that this was never BBW’s intention. Peter Brench confirmed that:

“The statement surrounding the protection of UNISON members is not based on any direction or instruction from BBW and is not made in line with any of our policies”.

Our next meeting is on Friday 16th August, room B104 at 1pm. (Brunei Building, SOAS)
We should know more about the plans by that time and the Garden Halls will be the first item for discussion. Please attend if you can!