The 3 Cosas Campaign sends its full solidarity to the #copsoffcampus national day of action on Wednesday 11 December.

At the University of London, the management has responded in an increasingly authoritarian manner to campus protests and labour disputes over the last year.

The University has filmed staff and students taking part in demonstrations in support of the 3 Cosas Campaign, and an activist was arrested in July for chalking slogans in favour of sick pay, holiday pay and pensions for all workers at the University.

The police presence on Bloomsbury campuses has become progressively more visible, creating an intimidating atmosphere, both on protests and more generally.

The freedom to assemble and demonstrate on campus without harassment or violence from the state is fundamental. The labour movement and the oppressed have the most interest in these freedoms and must stand together to defend them

The students who have suffered arrest and physical violence at the hands of the police have been amongst the most steadfast supporters of the 3Cosas Campaign and the Higher and Further Education strikes over pay.

We stand together in solidarity with students in demanding cops off campus and in defending the right to protest.

Students and workers united will never be defeated!