For over a year, workers at the University of London have been fighting through their 3 Cosas Campaign – to ensure equality of terms and conditions between the University of London’s direct employees, and its outsourced workers (many of whom are vulnerable migrant workers who speak little English).

There are three areas (‘tres cosas’) where the disparity between University and contract workers is greatest – SICK PAY, HOLIDAYS and PENSIONS.

The campaign aims to persuade the University to ensure that all workers have the same rights in these three areas. It is eminently affordable, and it is the only right thing to do.

The campaign has garnered huge support from MPs, unions, student groups, and human rights organisations. It has put pressure on the University and its contractors through petitions and letter-writing campaigns, and supported demonstrations and marches. Recently the workers undertook a historic 2-day strike, which saw the biggest picket-line turnout in living memory at the University of London. Concessions have been announced, a clear indication that the pressure is paying off, but these fall well short of the equal treatment that the outsourced workers deserve, and the University and its contractors are still refusing to negotiate with the workers themselves (despite numerous overtures) or address the issue of job cuts which seem set to target those most heavily involved in the campaign.

The campaign has announced further strike dates for the end of January, and your support is now crucial for the final push of the campaign – to secure equal rights and proper representation for these previously marginalised workers. Please sign the petition to University of London Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Adrian Smith and help secure a victory which will pave the way for the just treatment of workers across the Higher Education sector and London as a whole.