picketThe outsourced workers responsible for the cleaning, security, and maintenance at the central University of London are preparing for the next stage of their strike action, which will take place on Monday 27 January, Tuesday 28 January and Wednesday 29 January 2014.

External support for last year’s strike action was CRUCIAL in making it a massive and unprecedented success. There was a great turnout of workers, and huge student support on the picket line on both days.

Following the strike, the contractor(then Balfour Beatty Workplace, now Cofely) issued new contracts which offer improved holiday and sick pay conditions. However, they have still refused to talk to the IWGBs about any of the issues raised.

The IWGB is determined to continue until we have achieved all our demands, which remain:

Our first demand is that our employer, Balfour Beatty / Cofely, recognise our union (the IWGB) so that we can set up proper formal negotiations. Despite the fact that we are the biggest union among outsourced workers on campus, and we are a legally registered union, Balfour Beatty / Cofely and the University of London refuse to recognise us.

Our second demand is that we be entitled to the same sick pay, holidays, and pensions as our colleagues who work directly for the University. Despite the improvements offered, we are still a long way from full equality, especially regarding pensions.

Finally, the University of London has plans to close the Garden Halls (of residence) next summer. We want workers in these halls to be given priority when vacancies arise elsewhere in the University, and for longer-serving staff to be considered first.

This is a logical, common-sense, fair, and relatively cost-free approach to dealing with the upcoming redundancies. However, once again, Balfour Beatty has refused to engage.

Despite the massive turnout for the first strike, the announcement of further strike dates, and our repeated offers of negotiations via ACAS, the company have refused to engage with us in any serious way.

As a result we are prepared to make further sacrifices, and to undertake a THREE-DAY STRIKE!

We need your support more than ever!

Please donate to the strike fund – as low-paid workers already on the breadline, we will inevitably be affected more than most by the loss of earnings which a strike entails. By clicking this button and donating via Pay Pal you can make a massive contribution to the success of the campaign as it enters a critical phase.

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