martalunaThe main priority of the 3 Cosas workers right now is to achieve union recognition for their union, the IWGB, with the outsourcing company Cofely. This is particularly important as there are potential redundancies at the Garden Halls this summer and Cofely refuses to negotiate with the IWGB as they don’t recognise the union. This is despite the fact that the majority of Cofely employees are IWGB members.

Cofely instead chooses to recognise UNISON, which barely has any members, and where the Cleaning Services Manager is the rep! Over 50 IWGB members have written letters to Cofely management asking for recognition. Over the coming days we will be publishing these letters on our Facebook page, beginning with these great letters, from a Guatemalan cleaner named Marta Luna (, an Ecuadorian cleaner named Ruth Cecilia Tapia Lopez ( and Olga, a cleaner from Colombia (