donate-button-redThe Garden Halls strike is over for now, and we’d like to say thank you to everyone for your massive support over the last week.

Workers were on strike for 5 days, which means outsourced IWGB workers have been on strike a total of 10 days in the past 8 months.

All previous strike days were compensated at full pay and that’s our intention this time.

That means we only have until the end of June to raise £2000 more.

Our ability to give full strike pay will make a profound difference in whether we will be able to strike again in the future.

If you were able to donate to our strike fund, pass this message to your colleagues, or get your student union or trade union branch to pass a motion giving a donation you would be massively helping workers who could not be in a more vulnerable situation.

Click the button to the right, or alternatively contact our Treasurer, Yvette Bailey, at