rubbish1Dear conference organiser,

This is a courtesy email from the University of London branch of the Independent Workers of Great Britain (IWGB).

We are currently in the midst of a 5-day industrial dispute with the University over the laying off of over 80 cleaners, porters and maintenance staff at the Garden Halls of residence. The campaign will continue into the summer and part of will involve noisy and disruptive protest at University of London sites in central London.

It is our hope that the University of London and its sub-contractors, Cofely and Aramark, will see sense, resolve this dispute, and re-allocate the 80 workers to contracts elsewhere in the University or the two companies.

We have no grievance with the organisers of any conferences or events at the University, and nor do we wish to diminish your experience, so we thought it best to give advance notice of what is planned.

If, like us, you too want to see this dispute resolved or have any questions about disruption to Senate House throughout the summer, please refer your enquiries to the Chief Operation Officer ( or the Vice Chancellor (

University of London Branch, IWGB