Victorian Office With Boss And ClerkThanks to everyone who came to our emergency meeting today – we had members there from ULIA, SAS, IALS, Finance, ULU, maintenance, and the porters, so an excellent mix from across the branch.

Anyway, the meeting unanimously approved expenditure on the deposit and rent required for our planned new office. It’s a shame to move from ULU, where the students had so kindly allowed us our space for free, but at the same time the planned new space (just ten minutes away in Fitzrovia) will be much larger and more suitable in lots of ways for the work of the branch as it continues to expand.

Once everything is confirmed, we’ll send details round and invite people to come and check out it out.

At the meeting we also canvassed opinion as to asking members who could afford it to voluntarily increase their monthly payments. We want to keep membership accessible to everyone at five pounds per month, but as an active branch like ours does incur a lot of costs, it would be great if those who can and would like to pay more were able to. As soon as we have a new form to allow this we’ll make sure to send it round.