leigh-day-solicitors-logoWe’re happy to announce the start of a promising new relationship Leigh Day Solicitors, who are very trade union-oriented and keen to build a relationship with us. They will be taking on a number of our ongoing Employment Tribunal cases and putting together a legal clinic for us on a fortnightly basis, in addition to looking into other prospective legal issues that the branch is looking to take forward.

This is all in addition to our ongoing arrangements with O H Parsons, who are pursuing a number of personal injury cases for us, and who also provide us with regular legal surgeries.

We are a small union, without a great deal of funding. However, we are determined to support all of our members who require legal help, and to pursue any reasonable case that they bring to us. In little more than a year of existence, we’ve already taken a series of cases to various employment tribunal stages, and arrangements like this one will ensure that we can continue to fight for justice for every single one of our members.

As ever, for more details, contact uol@iwgb.org.uk.