We recently wrote to Kim Frost asking him for an update on the University’s arrangements, as mandated by the CAC:

to arrange for the process of election or appointment of negotiating representatives, in accordance with regulation 14, to take place by 30 November 2015.

He didn’t respond directly BUT this morning we got our answer – a letter confirming that the UoL will be appealing the decision, and that this appeal will now be held before an Employment Tribunal.

This will obviously necessitate further expense – bear in mind that the barrister they commissioned for the original hearing is estimated to charge 8-10K PER DAY,and that they have just had to pay an additional fee to lodge the appeal.

This seems an extraordinary waste of public money – the University does not have a strong case, and all that they have been asked to do is to set up a fair consultation process with their employees, which you would think they would welcome.

The IWGB has filed an FOI request to discover how much has already been spent on this, and will of course be contesting the appeal vigorously.

We’ll let you know when we have a date!