Next Friday, 15 January, IWGB meets UoL in court (again!) to argue that UoL broke the law last year when it set up an employee consultation forum featuring only members of the UNISON and UCU committees.

With bags of students’ money to burn, UoL management has decided to appeal to the EAT (Employment Appeal Tribunal) against the resounding victory IWGB won on this case at the Central Arbitration Committee hearing last summer. By re-engaging their previous QC David Reade, UoL looks set to bring the total spend on this pointless action up to at least £20,000. It seems there’s no expense spared when it comes to avoiding meaningful engagement with staff!

Following the appalling stitch-up between UoL and its favourite unions over London Weighting, IWGB used the Information and Consultation of Employees Regulations (ICE) to force UoL to set up a forum to consult directly with staff – but UoL attempted to circumvent the law by designing the forum in such a way that it would simply be tacked on to their existing (and exclusive) recognition agreement with the dynamic duo.

IWGB Secretary Catherine Morrissey is the named party in the case and will be attending the Tribunal supported by IWGB President Dr Jason Moyer-Lee, ably represented by a QC and counsel from Cloisters Chambers. The hearing is open to the public so all IWGB members (and indeed any UoL staff) are very welcome!

We’ll keep you posted about any developments on the day and of course when we hear the outcome.

EAT hearing details:

Friday 15 January


Fleetbank House, Office Of Fair Trading, 2-6 Salisbury Square, London EC4Y 8JX