HustingsDisappointing news to start with – we were also hoping to arrange a hustings, and wrote to UCU suggesting this – frustratingly, though, we were told that their Regional officials wouldn’t allow this. The idea was to allow all sides to put their case at a special All-Staff Meeting…ho hum, maybe next time!

On a more positive note, thanks to everyone who has helped out so far with the campaign – it has been great to have so much support, and fantastic to see all the fliers we handed out at the branch meeting finding their way around Stewart and Senate House.

Thanks as well for helping on the stall on Monday – it was the first time we’ve ever had an official presence inside Senate House, and we got a really positive response, even from the people from Finance who got inadvertently flyered every time they went to make a cup of tea. Apologies…

We’ve also been trying to get round all the departments and chat to people, in the process finding bits of the building that we never even knew existed. If we’ve not been round and you think it would be good for people in your section to meet the candidates drop Danny ( or Catherine ( a line…

There will be more stalls / flyering next week, and please do spread the word and help support our candidates!