On 12th March 2016 UVW and other activists, trade unionists and supporters protested at Topshop’s flagship store in Oxford Street to demand a Living Wage for its members who work as cleaners in the store and the sales assistants too all of whom are currently paid poverty wages. The IWGB attended the protest to show our support.
The protest developed into a road block of Oxford Street and a flash mob at John Lewis where the cleaners, also members of UVW, are paid poverty wages and excluded from the John Lewis partnership model thus depriving of the annual bonus that all other “partners” get a share in.
The protest was called following Arcadia Group’s refusal to negotiate with UVW and their strong defence of paying all their staff poverty wages despite claiming to “really value” them.
This protest marked the start of what UVW expect to be a long campaign to secure the Living Wage for Topshop staff.
Here are some videos from the demo:

There is also a petition which has over 28,000 signatures at the time of writing: