Rebecca Dooley
Chris Josiffe

The results of the ICE elections at the University of London have been announced, with the IWGB winning both the levels 1-6 positions, in a clear mandate for the union to pursue formal recognition negotiations with the UoL.

Massive kudos to Rebecca Dooley and Chris Josiffe, who were both elected by a comfortable margin.

We were of course disappointed to miss out in the levels 7-10 vote (and offer of course  our congratulations to the winning candidates here), but hey, you can’t win them all! Maybe next time…

This is a huge victory for the branch, which was only formed 3 years ago, and it’s a great reflection on all those members who worked really hard to persuade people to support us. Thanks as well to all the non-members who voted for us too!

Our reps will enter the upcoming negotiations determined to secure the best arrangements possible for all staff at the University of London – and we’ll make sure to keep you posted re all developments.

We will also be making a formal recognition request to the University for the bargaining unit of levels 1-6.