Director of Human Resources Kim Frost looking pleased with the ‘generous’ pay offer of 1.1%

Our branch secretary Catherine Morrissey has responded to the earlier email from KIm Frost re the implementation of this year’s pay award.

See her email, and Kim’s below:

Hi all,

You may have noticed it’s the annual ‘attempt to disrupt HE pay strikes’ email from Kim!

It now seems a permanent fixture of the HE pay negotiations that the employers make an insultingly low offer, unions object, the employers increase their offer by an even more insulting amount (this year the figure is 0.1%) and rush to ‘implement’ this generous increase in the hopes that employees will be fooled into thinking that’s that.

Well, not this year!

Don’t let Kim’s email fool you – the pay dispute is not over, and action can get us a better offer! None of the unions have accepted the offer of 1.1%, so the pay dispute is still live.

If we want more, we have to push for it – so please, vote yes for strike and return your ballot papers straight away!

If anyone hasn’t received a ballot paper yet, please contact me or Danny for help.



Catherine Morrissey

Secretary, University of London IWGB


Dear all,


I am writing to update you on the outcome of this year’s pay negotiations.


The University and Colleges Employers’ Association (UCEA) made a final pay offer providing a 1.1% increase on base pay at points 8 and above, with more on lower points, at the end of April and the dispute procedure of the national negotiations concluded in mid-May.


We believe that this is a fair final pay offer; it exceeds inflation, compares favourably with pay awards elsewhere and rightly targets larger increases to those on the lower pay rates. We have therefore accepted the recommendation of UCEA that institutions should now implement the award. The final pay offer is available here.


I am therefore writing to let you know that we will be implementing the award of 1.1%, with more on points below point 8, in September pay and backdated to 1 August.


Best wishes,



Kim Frost

Director of Human Resources

University of London

Stewart House

32 Russell Square



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