Ian Cumming, looking unfazed…

Please find below a letter from IWGB General Secretary Jason Moyer-Lee to HEE Chief Executive Ian Cumming

Dear Professor Cumming

My name is Jason Moyer-Lee, and I am writing in my capacity as General Secretary of the IWGB trade union.

As you know, yesterday marked the end of the consultation period for HEE PGMDE staff over a proposed restructure which if introduced will see a 41% head count reduction.

Over the last 6 weeks it has become clear what an unmitigated and unnecessary disaster these proposals represent. Each day new stories emerge of the shortage of doctors and dentists. The continuing junior doctors dispute is already massively disrupting this year’s recruitment. And yet you have chosen this moment for a 41% cut in staff, predicated on the introduction of barely tested technology and ill-defined new working structures.

I say chosen because the most astonishing thing is that this has not been forced upon you. Most NHS Chief Executives, when asked by the Secretary of State to make 30% budget cuts by 2020, would have vehemently argued the case for their organisation and its funding. You decided instead to implement the cuts by March 2017, and to weight them so that the impact fell disproportionately on frontline staff.

Let me therefore be clear – if these proposals go ahead, they will have a calamitous impact on HEE employees, NHS trainees and patient safety. And you will be held publicly accountable for this.

This process has already begun. The IWGB is a small union, albeit one with a rapidly growing membership in HEE. However, as those who witnessed our 3 Cosas campaign at the University of London will testify, we are capable of making plenty of noise. We have campaigned vociferously against these cuts from the outset, and will continue to gather signatures, alert stakeholders and protest at recruitment events. Should it come to industrial action we will back staff all the way.

Rest assured that this campaign will continue until any plans for compulsory redundancies are dropped. Now is the time to step back from the precipice and stand up to Mr Hunt. You can fight for a reasonable funding settlement for HEE and avoid being remembered as the man who destroyed NHS education – and we will be right behind you.

Best wishes


Dr. Jason Moyer-Lee

General Secretary