aramarkFar from winding down for the Christmas period, we are thinking of ramping up the anti-Aramark redundancies campaign with a bit more leafletting next week.

We got a great response last time and haven’t been able to do any since, so next Wednesday we’d like to hand out leaflets during the lunchtime rush again, and maybe during breakfast too. Please let us know ( )if you can volunteer to do a festive good deed and help out for half an hour.

The latest on this is that the company conducted 5-minute ‘consultation’ meetings with affected staff, except those fortunate/wise enough to be IWGB members, who had decent support and thereby forced the managers into a more appropriate discussion of the options.

At these meetings it turned out that Aramark hasn’t conducted an equality impact assessment, and the managers in attendance – including the Director of Operations – had no idea why it might be a good idea to do so! Needless to say the indefatigable Danny Millum has now enlightened them…

Just a final note to finish: last year, Aramark’s annual profits were a mere $14.3 billion. Small change for most of us eh! So if anyone’s wondering whether they ‘need’ to make these people redundant … let them draw their own conclusions.

Please do remember to sign and circulate the petition too!

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