Now the Postroom staff have joined the dispute against Cordant, calling for the company to honour promises to maintain pay differentials. On behalf of the affected staff, IWGB has given Cordant a deadline of Tuesday 6 June to respond positively and open negotiations. 

Dear Ms Vittorio,

We are postroom staff writing with regard to the current pay situation relating to Cordant employees on the University of London contract.

As you will be aware, in 2011 the University of London began the introduction of the London living Wage for all outsourced staff, promising at the time that ‘differentials would be maintained’.

As postroom employees, performing work that involves significant levels of skill and responsibility, we  were previously paid at an hourly rate around 25% above that of the lowest-paid staff (with supervisors being paid more).

However, this promise has not been honoured, and as a result our differential has been almost completely eroded.

We are therefore writing to request that this issue be resolved, and a rate of £12 per hour (along with an increment for supervisors) be instituted, along with a guarantee that these differentials will be maintained in future.

We are happy to enter into substantive negotiations over this, but should these not be offered we will have no option but to ballot for industrial action.

If you could respond to this letter via our IWGB union representatives that would be much appreciated.


[Postroom staff]