The University of London is beginning to feel the damage to its reputation that Cordant’s treatment of its staff is causing. The UCU branch at the UCL Institute of Education has written to Adrian Smith, UoL Vice Chancellor, urging him to see sense and end this dispute:

Dear Professor Smith

I write on behalf of our branch – membership includes 400 academic, and academic-related, staff at the UCL Institute of Education – to urge the University of London to guarantee its security officers:

  • the 25% pay rise they were promised six years ago
  • itemised pay slips
  • greater security of employment by ending what are effectively zero-hours contracts.

Our institution is a neighbour of Senate House and a member of the University of London. We call on UoL to live out our shared values of equality and social justice with respect to this group of workers, one of the poorest, weakest and most diverse in our workforce.

Best regards

Amy Chamier

Branch Secretary
University and College Union

UCL Institute of Education (IOE)