See below for an email from Danny to Kim Frost, demonstrating that the University could bring workers in-house, pay them £12 an hour, give them pensions and still save money!

Dear Kim

I am writing with a proposal to resolve the ongoing dispute over outsourced workers’ pay, which began with security officers but is now expanding to include other groups on site who have similar issues.

In short, we propose that the University of London bring these workers back in-house.

Having done some preliminary costings for this, we believe that this could save the University money, improve staff pay and terms and conditions, and have a massively beneficial effect on the University’s reputation and everyday operations.

Following the LSE decision to bring cleaners in-house, there is an inexorable momentum in that direction. We would like to discuss the details of implementation as soon as possible – failing that, what is currently a dispute with one set of workers over pay will inevitably escalate into a full-scale in-house campaign involving all those currently outsourced on site.

More detail on the proposal can be found here.

I hope you will see the benefits of giving this proposal due and proper consideration, and bringing the affected staff in house as soon as reasonably practicable.

Best wishes


Danny Millum

Branch Secretary

University of London IWGB