See below for a letter from our branch secretary to Chris Cobb raising concerns over health and safety during the strikes:

Dear Chris

I am writing to ask that the University confirm that during UCUs strike action that the campus remain safe for staff and students to remain working on?

Given the number of staff taking strike action or refusing to cross picket lines, are all necessary health and safety requirements (both outlined in the University’s own policy and that of the relevant legislation) being met?

Have the necessary risk analyses been undertaken to ensure that the health, safety and wellbeing of all those on our campus (whether staff, students, contractors or members of the public) is being met?

For example, can the University confirm the following:

1) That all Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs) can be carried out during the strike (i.e. enough trained members of staff are available to carry out such plans)?

2) As responsibility and accountability for health and safety follows through the chain of line management, for line managers who are taking part in the strike, are senior managers aware of their responsibilities for health and safety during this time?

3) That any necessary risk assessments for potential lone working that may occur during the strike are in place?

4) That suitable numbers of staff who provide specialist safety advice or general health and safety advice at a local level are available. i.e does the University have the mandated number of fire wardens / officers available during the strike?

Obviously it is extremely important that this is confirmed as soon as possible. If not, the site should of course be closed until the relevant risk assessments have been undertaken.

Best wishes