See below for a letter of support over pensions from our SAS students!

Dear Professor Sir Adrian

We are students in the School of Advanced Study writing to you with regard to the ongoing USS pension dispute.

We are fully in support of all staff taking action in response to planned changes to their pensions, which will close the defined benefit element of the scheme and lead to estimated losses of up to £10k a year in retirement income.

We believe that these changes are based on an inaccurate valuation of the scheme and are therefore unnecessary.

We do not wish to be taught in an environment where staff terms and conditions are relentlessly worsened, and in addition recognise that for many of us these are also our own future terms and conditions.

We therefore call on you to make a clear statement of support for your staff, and a commitment from the University of London that it will add its voice to those calling for the USS pension scheme to be retained in its current form.

Yours sincerely,

Charlotte Berry, IHR

Mike Brownlee, IHR

Kathleen McIlvenna, IHR

Roger Woods, IHR

Alexander Curry, ILAS

Jose Luis Guevara Salamanca, ILAS

Lilija Alijeva, ICwS

Daniela Zanini, IMLR

Matt Kinsella, HRC

Hari Mountford, IMLR

Voula Zarra, IES

Martina Mastandrea, IES

Stephanie Homer, IMLR

Francielle Carpenedo, IMLR

Ala Al-Mahaidi, ICwS

Cheryl Bellisario, ICwS

Karen E. McCallum, ICwS

Lara Haladjian, ICwS

Isobel Archer, ICwS

Cassandra Soderstrom, ICwS

Sonya Rahaman, ICwS

Marilia Arantes, ILAS

Mayaan Niezna, IALS

Tatiana Suarez, ILAS

Dean Thompson, ICwS