A strike and subsequent demonstration from the IWGB on Wednesday 6 June has pushed the University of London to release a statement regarding the future of outsourced contracts at the university’s central properties.

While concessions were made with regards to zero-hour contracts – which will be abolished by the end of the summer vacation – they continue to lack a commitment to bring all outsourced staff back in-house over the coming 12 months. Until this is promised, the IWGB will continue its campaign to support the brave outsourced staff at the University of London who are still needing to fight for equality in terms and conditions, and treatment.

Our position remains clear. All outsourced workers are to be brought back in house in 12 months or less. Until this is the case, we will not step-down action at the university.

The IWGB’s general secretary Dr Jason Moyer-Lee said: “The second statement that the university has put out and the commitment to abolish zero-hours contracts by the end of summer shows once more that IWGB campaigning and pressure works. As with any piece of work, each draft tends to be a little better than the previous one. I reckon that the university is about 2 drafts away from putting this campaign to bed.”

This is something that has been publicly supported by Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell in a letter (available here) to the university which states:

“I would therefore strongly urge that you reconsider, and put out a new statement agreeing to the IWGB’s reasonable demand of no longer than a 12 month implementation period. I would also urge you to engage in dialogue and negotiations with the IWGB, which represents the majority of your outsourced workers, as this may help to ease the industrial relations at your University.”

This support has been further bolstered by the co-leader of the Green Party, Jonathan Bartley who spoke-out against the university’s unfair, and undignified outsourcing practices.


For further information, please contact: press@iwgb.co.uk.