Cuts hurt all of us. This is made clear in the letter below from IWGB chair Sarah Anderson to Phil Norrey, chief executive and head of paid services at Devon County Council. She is calling on all IWGB members to support foster care workers by writing to Mr Norrey ( who, while pocketing an annual salary of at least £149,995, is overseeing a policy that is bringing in salary cuts for the council’s foster care workers.

Dear Mr Norrey,

I am writing to you in support of the Devon County Council foster care workers. Like foster care workers across UK these people have not been listened to and their views have not been taken into account. It is patently unfair that many of these workers who have dedicated their incredible energy and devotion to the young people in their care are now facing unjustified salary cuts. Like everyone else foster care workers need to eat too.

As you will no doubt be aware foster care workers right across the country are coming together as part of the IWGB in historic proportions, they are saying enough is enough.

I am calling on you to declare NO CUTS, NO CHANGE.

Kind regards,

Sarah Anderson BSc (Hons)