The University of London was the final destination for last week’s ‘Rise of the Precarious Workers’ protest organised by the Independent Workers of Union Great Britain (IWGB).

Hundreds of minicab drivers, foster care workers, electricians, couriers, cleaners, security officers and supporters took over the streets of London in what was Britain’s largest march by precarious workers.

It was timed to coincide with the latest round of the union’s court case against Uber over worker status for its drivers. The march also serviced as another strike by outsourced workers at the University of London as they fight to be brought in-house in the face of the continued stalling by the institution.

The university’s latest position is for a few (overwhelmingly male) workers to come in-house next year, Meanwhile, cleaners, caterers and other outsourced workers are left in limbo. These brave men and women have vowed that until they receive confirmation of an end to outsourcing by June 2019 (almost two years after the campaign began) they will continue to escalate their struggle!

A number or organisations, politicians, academics and other trade unions are solidly behind IWGB and its members. Even the media has shown sympathy for the plight of these precarious workers and the protest was extensively covered in the national and local media including the Guardian and Evening Standard. Also see Momentum video here , and photos from the the day here.