On 19 October, the University of London (UoL) made public an announcement about its plans to enter a bid process regarding its outsourced contracts. Desperate for clarity, the IWGB representative for the maintenance staff outsourced to Bouygues has written to the university’s senior management team.
Dear Mike and Ghaz,
I am writing on behalf of Bouygues staff employed at the University of London to request clarity regarding recent announcements affecting the contract.
The 19 October 2018 intranet announcement stated that the ‘Buildings maintenance contract in house bid to be prepared and tested against external suppliers in 2019′.
Obviously this has caused a great deal of speculation and anxiety for me and my colleagues, and we would therefore like you to confirm:
1. Who will be covered by this in-house bid?
2. When this will take place?
3. Why a bid is necessary when other workers are being taken directly in-house without going through a process of this sort?
In the interests of staff morale is is extremely important to have clear information regarding this issue as soon as possible, so I would appreciate a swift response.
Best wishes
John Barnett
IWGB union rep, Maintenance Section