IWGB is delighted to invite members to a FREE screening of the inspirational documentary Knock Down The House on 11th December 2019. If you’ve finished your own canvassing by then, why not go and see how it’s done across the pond!
Knock Down The House is an inspiring and highly watchable documentary film about four exceptional women mounting grassroots campaigns against powerful incumbents. Looking behind the scenes of the 2018 midterm elections in the USA that tipped the balance of power, it is a story of conviction and politicians who are motivated by their own personal circumstances to raise their voices and take a stand.
Book your free ticket here: https://docsociety.org/kdthuk
The film will be followed by a discussion with non-partisan local and national campaigners and activists.
Join the discussion to find out what the UK can learn from US grassroots campaigns, what it takes to #KnockDownBarriers in British politics, to make it more representative and ways to get involved. Now more than ever we need people with powerful stories to step up into politics!
Event details:
11 Dec 2019 19:00 Deptford Cinema, London SE8

Screening events in association with Vote For Your Future, 50:50 Parliament, The Parliament Project and Young Women’s Trust.

Catherine Morrissey
IWGB Women’s Officer
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