In October, IWGB members launched a legal challenge against the Government over Boris Johnson’s threat to disobey the law. One rule for him, and another for us. They wouldn’t stand for that, and fought back. Tory Brexit will damage the lives of precarious workers, and in fact all workers in the UK. IWGB has campaigned tirelessly against it.

We’re in a very different place now: hard Brexit or ‘no deal’ is a certainty. That’s a terrible prospect for us all. It’s easy to feel powerless. But you can help.

Three precarious workers — Maritza, Wilson and Alex — teamed up with the IWGB and chose to fight back against Johnson’s disregard for the law. In the face of repeated statements by Johnson that he would not extend the Brexit deadline beyond 31 October, they filed a claim with the High Court to force the government to abide by the law and seek an extension. A few days later, Johnson went back on his commitment and agreed with the European Union to move the deadline to 31 January. After which, the workers withdrew their claim.

Now, government lawyers are arguing that because the claim was withdrawn, the claimants are liable to cover the government’s legal costs of at least £8,000.

Bojo and friends could sneeze that money out in a second. But to these workers, it’s a life-altering debt. We have just launched our crowdfunder to raise money for these three low-wage members who are being vindictively pursued for legal costs by Boris Johnson.

If you have something to donate, please do now! Early donations help build momentum and create a snowball effect. ❄

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