As Christmas approaches, University of London Bouygues engineer Stan Jackson is still thousands of pounds out of pocket following his heart attack at work.

image of Stan Jackson
Merry Christmas, Stan: Stan Jackson faces Christmas thousands of pounds down

We wanted to update everyone on the case of Stanford Jackson, who was deducted £5000 by his employer Bouygues while recuperating from a heart attack suffered at work (see

Having brought this matter to the attention of the Vice-Chancellor, the IWGB were assured that she was taking a ‘personal interest’ in the case, and Stan was led to believe that it would be resolved.

However, with less than a week to go before Christmas, Stan is still thousands of pounds out of pocket, having been told by Bouygues that they will only pay him partially for his absence, and only compensating him for less than half of the money they deducted from him in October.

Furthermore, they only grudgingly paid this on the grounds of ‘exceptional circumstances’ as a ‘goodwill gesture’. Merry Christmas indeed!

To add insult to injury, and despite the fact that his ongoing ill-health and shortage of money has caused Stan to require counselling, Bouygues are insisting that he raise the matter via the formal grievance and disciplinary procedure, a process that will inevitably be massively stressful and is totally unnecessary.

There is also no indication that either Bouygues or the University of London have addressed any of the serious health and safety issues which led to Stan’s accident (which could easily have been much worse) – including the fact than lone staff were NOT issued with fall alarms despite these being requested.

The issue is NOT complicated – Stan suffered a heart attack in his workplace, a workplace where all staff (in-house or outsourced) are entitled to 6 months full sick pay. Bouygues and the University should be bending over backwards to ensure that everything is done to look after a longstanding member of staff (and one who has never missed a SINGLE DAY’s work through illness while working for Bouygues), rather than leaving him broke and traumatised this Christmas.

As before, the IWGB will continue to escalate this matter until justice has been done, and in the meantime we urge all members and supporters to contact and ask for #JusticeforStan.