We thought it was a good time to give you an update on everything our branch has been doing, as well as make sure all members know who to contact with any workplace issues that arise AND let you know about our next branch meeting, which will be held next Wednesday 4 March at 12.30 (room tbc) – we will be discussing all the issues below and more, but do let me know if you have anything you would like to add to the agenda.

Senate House in-house campaign latest – victory for our security and cleaners

Following a long IWGB campaign of strikes, protests and of course the boycott, 2020 will see the in-housing of the remainder of UoL security staff (in May) plus our cleaners (in November). While issues remain over the details of the contracts to be offered and the continued outsourcing of catering and maintenance staff, there is no doubt that this represents a massive victory for these workers, who will now receive equaly treatment vis-à-vis pensions, sick pay, holidays and maternity/paternity pay with in-house staff.

We wanted to thank all our members and supporters AND to remind affected staff that we will continue to work to ensure the TUPE process goes ahead smoothly and fairly. Any questions please contact our branch organiser Jordi (jordilopez-botey@iwgb.co.uk).

UCL End OutSourcing campaign

Hot on the heels of Senate House, we are busy with the biggest in-housing campaign in HE history. Following two massive strikes by IWGB security and cleaners at the end of last year, UCLhas now committed to improving pay, holiday and sickness provision for outsourced staff in 2020. This is an amazing achievement, and the campaign continues to pressure UCL for a clear timetable by which to keep its promises, and to end outsourcing once and for all.

For more details on the next steps in the campaign you can speak to our chair Maritza (maritzacastillocalle@iwgb.co.uk) or UCL campaign organiser Charlie (charliemacnamara@iwgb.co.uk).

University of London restructures

 Many of you will be aware of the huge CoSector restructure that has been taking place, but in addition to this smaller processes are occurring at the IHR and are proposed for the Finance department. In all of these instances the IWGB has been supporting members – both challenging the proposals themselves and by representing members to fight for their jobs or (in some instances) for enhanced redundancy payments. If you have been affected, are affected or fear you will be affected please do not hesitate to get in touch with our assistant branch secretaries Mark (markmurphy@iwgb.co.uk) and Lindsey (lindseycaffin@iwgb.co.uk).

HEE collective grievance

Following the TUPE transfer of former UoL staff to HEE last year, which led to huge cuts in take home pay for grade 4 staff, the IWGB has launched a collective grievance to obtain compensation for these employees and to combat what we assert was a discriminatory process which unfairly affected disproportionately BAME and female staff. We are currently awaiting the outcome of the informal stage of this process, pending escalation to a formal grievance. The case is being handled by Catherine, the IWGB Women’s Officer, and please do feel free to contact her (catherinemorrissey@iwgb.co.uk) with any questions.

Information and Consultation of Employees Forum

 We now have a newly elected full slate of IWGB reps for the UoL ICE Forum, by which the University is forced to inform and consult with us over all major issues. The latest meeting was held in January and a full list of reps can be found here. We have a great opportunity via this forum to hold the University to account, so please do get in touch with your reps or with us if you have any issues that you would like raised.

Your reps and getting involved

The IWGB has reps across Senate House and UCL for both in-house and outsourced employees, and you should feel free to contact them with any issues at work. In addition, we are always keen for new people to volunteer (the union is only as strong as its members!) – there are loads of different ways in which you can help the union, so please do drop our branch secretary Jamie (jamiewoodcock@iwgb.co.uk) a line if you would like to get involved.

Looking forward to seeing you in 2020! Hasta la Victoria!

Lindsey Caffin

Assistant Branch Secretary

PS one last thing! UCU are currently on strike over pensions, pay, casualisation, workload and discriminatory paygaps at SOAS, Birkbeck and UCL. Please do visit their picket lines and show them support if you can!