The majority of University of London staff are working remotely. In this context, it could be easy to forget that some members of staff are still travelling in and working onsite in an extremely difficult context. These workers are providing an essential service in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic. They are making an incredible effort, particularly considering the risks they have taken on since the beginning of the crisis.

Workers who have been able to work from home are only able to do this because of those continuing to go onto campus. Now that there is talk of returning to work, the roles these workers play in our university will become even more important. Keeping the site clean, operating, and secure will become increasingly risky as other members of staff come back on to campus.

These are frontline workers facing an unprecedented level of risk, way beyond their job descriptions. These risks should be compensated.

We demand hazard pay for all workers on site at the University of London.  Therefore please sign our letter of support:

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Thank you!