take-a-colleague-10267Would you like to get more involved in helping your union? If so, the posts described below might be for you!

Our IWGB branch has grown rapidly in the last year, which is great, but which does mean our current officers have more and more to do. So we really need more members to get involved in order to make sure the union continues to flourish. IWGB always welcomes active involvement from its members, because that’s the key to a strong and successful union.

All of the positions are voluntary and undertaken during your own time, but it’s very rewarding and enjoyable work, which won’t take a lot of your time. Examples of what you might do in each role are:

  •  Campaigns officer

Help support our current campaigns by attending campaign meetings; having input into strategy; devising campaign materials; attending campaign events (such as fundraisers, protests, strikes, etc.); and being a point of contact for groups currently campaigning within the branch

  • Communications officer

Produce the monthly branch newsletter (training can be provided, but computer literacy is needed); send texts and tweets on behalf of the branch; update the branch facebook page and website.

  • Recruitment officer

Help grow the branch by recruiting your colleagues to the union. This involves speaking to people face to face; emailing; and occasionally going into other workplaces to recruit people there.

  • Health and safety officer

This is the only position requiring specialist knowledge, although basic training can be provided. The Health & Safety Officer will be the point of contact for any queries or concerns on these issues at all the worksites we cover, and will advise caseworkers dealing with these issues.

All nominations have to be voted on by the members, and the positions will run until the next Annual General Meeting in March/April 2015. Please contact us if you would like to stand for election at the next branch meeting when this will be on the agenda.

IWGB is unique among unions in that the officers don’t have any more power than any other member, so you won’t be called on to make decisions on behalf of the branch. All of these official positions are purely functional, supporting the branch’s work and carrying our decisions made by the members at our monthly meetings, where everyone has voice and vote.