votingAfter what seems like a lengthy buildup, voting will begin today in the ICE forum elections. Staff are being asked to vote for negotiating reps who will help shape the new information and consultation forum.

All eligible staff will get an email from the ERS with a link which will allow them to vote (see previous post for full details).

If elected, the IWGB negotiating team is dedicated to making the forum as open and effective as possible. Legally, the University will be forced to consult the forum on everything that falls within its remit – so it’s vital at this negotiating stage to make sure that remit is as wide-ranging as possible.

The forum will run alongside existing arrangements – and we’re keen to work with the other unions to ensure that between us the voice of all staff is heard.

We’re therefore once again asking you to vote IWGB for an alternative voice for staff at the University of London!

For Levels 1-6, please vote for Rebecca Dooley and Chris Josiffe.

For Levels 7-10, please vote for Danny Millum, Catherine Morrissey and Damien Short.

Thanks for your support!