We just wanted to quickly summarize why we think you should vote No to the University’s proposals this week.

Lower-grade staff deserve a voice too

Grades 1-6 staff voted for IWGB to represent them in negotiations but the University proposes to cut IWGB out from now on – that can’t be right!

Staff can do better

If we say no to this plan, we can then design a forum that includes everyone – UCU, UNISON, and IWGB – everyone will be properly represented, and we can resolve this issue for good.

You can vote with confidence

The Electoral Reform Services are running this ballot, not HR. No one here will ever see how individuals voted. Please vote NO to prevent this unfair plan – your vote is secret!

I know you’re busy so I’ve tried to keep this brief – for more information see our video or our website or just drop us an email (uol@iwgb.org.uk).