This is a message from IWGB about the UK government furlough scheme. The University has confirmed that it is intending to put 47 staff who are not able to work at the moment on ‘furlough’. All this means is that the University is applying for government assistance to pay these people’s wages during the COVID-19 lockdown. It should not mean any difference in pay or terms and conditions.

This only applies to you if you receive a letter or a message from the University telling you that you have been selected for the furlough scheme. If you do not receive such a letter it does not apply to you. 

IWGB reps have reviewed the letter and sent feedback to the University. We are advising our members that they can accept being put on the scheme, but that you should use the following wording in your reply to the University:

“I accept being placed on the furlough scheme but I would like to make clear that my acceptance does not indicate acceptance of any other present or future changes to my contract of employment and/or terms and conditions that do not relate directly to the furlough scheme.”

This relates to clause 5b in the letter. The University has assured us it does not intend to make unilateral changes to anyone’s contract so this is just a further safeguard. 

Please contact us if you have any further questions should you get a letter. Contact Jordi on 07934 462548 or Catherine on 07926 879011. Thank you!

Best wishes,

Lindsey, Mark, Maritza and Jamie