Last week we brought you news of the victory of our members the cleaners at the University of London, and of the ongoing campaign of our members at the University of Greenwich, who are fighting against racial discrimination in regard to the payment of bonuses for working during the pandemic and against the victimisation of their colleague Kingsley.   Our call to support our Fighting Fund to organise more campaigns like these raised nearly £1,000 so we’re well on the way to reaching our £5,000 target. 
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Our membership is predominantly made up of BAME and migrant workers, who face the worst conditions in universities and (except where we have brought them in-house) are mostly outsourced to companies well known for their exploitation of workers!

We are organising and fighting with members at:

University College London (UCL)
University of London – Senate House
Greenwich University
Royal College of Art (RCA)

Your donation goes directly towards supporting more workers in more universities in London to organise and fight back against university bosses and exploitive outsourcing companies.