Health Education England staff submit collective grievance over ‘illegal’ TUPE — September 12, 2019

Health Education England staff submit collective grievance over ‘illegal’ TUPE

IWGB members recently TUPE transferred against their will to Health Education England have filed a formal grievance as they seek to demonstrate that the process and their current status as the only NHS staff not covered by collective bargaining is unlawful. Watch this space!

University of London branch secretary writes to HEE regarding ongoing dispute — August 1, 2019

University of London branch secretary writes to HEE regarding ongoing dispute

Dear Lisa,

I understand that Gary has now left HEE (Health Education England), so I am addressing my response to his email to you – please feel free to forward as necessary.

I don’t want to get into too much detail, but to concentrate on issues where we are in agreement, namely that:

  1. Had there been no TUPE, UoL HEE staff were due to receive an annual payrise of 1.8% dated from 1 August 2019.
  2. Because of the TUPE, UoL HEE staff are scheduled to make substantially higher pension contributions from 1 August 2019.
  3. Post TUPE, UoL HEE staff will be much cheaper to make redundant than their AFC colleagues.
  4. This burden falls disproportionately upon level 4 staff at the top of their bands as they stand to lose over £4000 pa should they transfer to AFC under the current mapping arrangements.

In order to address these, can you therefore confirm that you will devote some of HEE’s estimated £2.1m annual VAT savings to:

  1. Guarantee that the 1 August 2019 payrise will be implemented.
  2. Compensate UoL HEE staff for pension hikes OR adjust their mapping onto AFC scales, either way ensuring no detriment.
  3. Confirm enhanced redundancy terms for UoL HEE staff to match those of AFC staff.

We would be happy to discuss this in person in the interests of reaching agreement, and look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes

Danny Millum
Branch Secretary
University of London IWGB

HEE staff to escalate campaign after successful (and extremely hot) strike action — July 26, 2019

HEE staff to escalate campaign after successful (and extremely hot) strike action

Yesterday saw the first day of strike action by HEE staff on UoL contracts, who are fighting against a planned TUPE transfer which will see take home pay massively cut, with low-paid administrative staff worst hit.

There was a great turnout for the strike, including not just IWGB members but other affected staff, some of whom decided on the day itself not to cross the picket line and to join the protest instead!

It was also great to see support from other IWGB members from elsewhere in UoL – cleaners, security and SAS and SHL staff all came down to help flier and to bolster the confidence of colleagues who in many cases were taking strike action for the first time.

After the usual music, drumming and noise of an IWGB strike, the picket concluded at noon as temperatures soared to record levels, with staff vowing that should the TUPE (planned for 1 August) continue in its current form they would escalate strike action.

This could now involve not just staff on UoL contracts but also those already working on Agenda for Change terms and conditions – many of who expressed support for the strike.

It is clear that the dispute is now broadening, to encompass not just the original demands of UoL HEE staff for no TUPE or no detriment but also those of all staff affected by excessive workload, stress and a culture of bullying and micro-aggression within HEE.

Thanks to everyone for their support yesterday, and if you want to know more or get involved please just email

Health Education England staff to strike – 25 July! — July 12, 2019

Health Education England staff to strike – 25 July!

IWGB members working on University of London contracts at Health Education England facing a forced TUPE have voted overwhelmingly for strike action – and we have given notice that the first strike day will be Thursday 25 July!

Three years ago UoL HEE staff suffered workforce cuts of 40%. Since then the remainder have worked tirelessly to keep the service going, despite a massive spike in workloads and stress levels.

Rather than recognise the commitment and dedication of their staff, however, HEE and UoL are now seeking to make them pay the price for their own failure to acount for a £12m+ VAT bill via an unjustified and unjust TUPE transfer.

Staff are being asked to choose between 2 options:

Option 1: Transfer onto AFC contracts (what this means for a grade 4 staff member at the top of their scale)

  • Salary cut of up to £4200 per year
  • Pension contribution increase of £100+ per month
  • Loss of at least 3 days holiday
  • Working an extra 130 hours a year

Option 2: Remain on UoL contracts

  • Pay frozen forever meaning a year on year fall in living standards
  • No collective bargaining
  • Loss of 3 days holiday
  • Statutory redundancy

Obviously both of these are terrible options, and as a result IWGB members have voted for strike action.

To find out more just email Danny –