Campaña para trabajar directamente para la Universidad ‘back in house’ ¿si o no? — August 23, 2017

Campaña para trabajar directamente para la Universidad ‘back in house’ ¿si o no?

El sindicato esta organizando una reunión especial para los trabajadores de la rama Universidad de Londres, para discutir el tema de esta campana.

¡Anoten esta fecha!


El sábado 9 de septiembre 2017, de 1-3pm


En Senate House – salon Wolfson Suite, IHR (sótano)

¿De que se trata?

Reciemente, compañeros trabajadores de la Universidad de SOAS y del LSE lograron ganar sus campañas para ‘trabajar directamente para la Universidad’ lo cual significa que ya no seran subcontratados y desde el proximo ano trabajaran directamente para el instituto donde trabajan, los cuales tambien forman parte de la Universidad de Londres.

Como ustedes saben, nosotros  hemos tenido muchos problemas con las companias subcontratadoras, por ejemplo por pagos, por falta de comunicacion y por muchas razones mas. Esta tal vez sea una campana dificil de ganarla pero no imposible si nos unimos tambien.

¿Queremos hacer una campaña similar? Eso es lo que tenemos que decidir.

Por eso, nececitamos las voces de todos los miembros afectados.

Este es tu trabajo, tu sindicato, y tu decision.

¡Asiste y ven a dar tu punto de vista y tu voto!

Recuerda que de tu participacion depende el tener un fututo mejor y un trabajo mas digno y seguro!

Para mas detalles, hable con: Emiliano ( / 07506684192), Henry, Maritza, Danny o Catherine.

Te esperamos!!


Branch meeting – this Friday, 12.30pm, Lower Mezzanine Room, IHR —

Branch meeting – this Friday, 12.30pm, Lower Mezzanine Room, IHR

Branch meeting on Friday – usual place, usual time!

As ever, it would be really great if you could spare half-an-hour to attend – we’ve got lost of important stuff to talk about, including

  • the big strike and demo which is planned at the University of London for the 27 September
  • our pay rise (don’t get too excited)
  • the QSG review and other planned UoLIA reviews

As ever, if you have any suggestions for the agenda just let us know, and if you get lost give me a call on 07783719479!

See you Friday



UoL implements 1.7% pay rise – ICE forum volunteers needed! — August 17, 2017

UoL implements 1.7% pay rise – ICE forum volunteers needed!

You may have seen on the Intranet that the national pay negotiations have concluded and the national unions (including UCU and Unison) have accepted the final offer of a 1.7% pay rise. This will therefore be implemented from 1 August and will appear in our August salary.

As in previous years, we feel that this offer is completely inadequate but, as all of the nationally-negotiating unions have already accepted it, we will not be taking action to oppose it. We will instead be sure to start the campaign for a better pay rise next year in earnest!

This also seems like a good time to say that the University will be required to start taking action to create the ICE forum very shortly and we need you to volunteer to be representatives! While we may be unable to negotiate pay at a national level, we can use the ICE forum to vocalise our opposition to the continued below par offers, which can in turn impact on national negotiations! We therefore need the ICE forum to have some real teeth and be filled with as many IWGB members as possible!!!

Please get in touch with Rebecca if you would be interested in becoming an ICE representative!

UoL replies to IWGB’s asbestos questions — August 16, 2017

UoL replies to IWGB’s asbestos questions

Kim Frost has replied to IWGB’s questions about asbestos in University of London buildings. The full reply is below. If you’ve got any additional concerns, please get in touch with Danny.

Dear Danny,

I am sorry that absence from the office has meant my reply has come later than I would normally have hoped. You have asked a number of questions and I’ll address each in turn:

  1. That the University provide a full asbestos management plan 

The asbestos management plan has been amended and updated.  The draft will be submitted for review and approval by the Health and Safety Committee which is scheduled to meet on the 25th September 2017.  Members’ comments will be  incorporated and the final version of the plan will be published on the intranet once finally approved by the Committee. A copy will also be provided to relevant UoL and Bouygues staff.

  1. That the University (as promised in February) provide a fully accessible and up to date asbestos survey database 

We have now collated all existing surveys into one location and the University’s Compliance Manager, as well as Bouygues managers are able to access this information when needed. Asbestos surveyors are currently being appointed to resurvey the entire estates to ensure accuracy of our records,. Once this work is complete a full web based data base will become available.

In the meantime, and to manage any risks of exposure, all works to any part of the estate by any contractor, which requires intervention with the fabric of any of the buildings, is being managed through the helpdesk. A protocol is in place to ensure that the Compliance Manager reviews and approves works, confirming status of asbestos surveys of the affected area before any work is carried out.

  1. That the University arrange for a full medical examination and scan for all employees who wish it 

The University will arrange for individual referrals to Occupational Health.  University of London and Bouygues staff should contact Claire Westgate and Rachel Harris (HR Department, University of London) if they would like a referral to be arranged.  Where the Occupational Health report recommends a follow-up x-ray/scan, and it is not possible to obtain this within a clinically appropriate timeframe, the University will arrange for this to take place privately.

Contact details for HR:

Claire Westgate          Rachel Harris

  1. That the University commission an independent review into the handling of this issue 

The University has engaged with independent advisors and specialists since we became aware of this matter.  Martin Stear BSc DipOH CFFOH (Chartered Occupational Hygienist) has attended the University on two occasions (December 2016 and July 2017) to provide briefings and 1:1 sessions with University of London and Bouygues staff.  Following the briefing with Martin Stear on 20th July, the University will be setting up a Compliance sub-group. This sub-group will be responsible for the governance of compliance matters across the University, including the management of asbestos. It will report to Health and Safety Committee and its membership will include Trade Union representatives from UCU and Unison, UoL staff representatives and representatives from Bouygues and other contractors as appropriate.  The terms of reference of this sub-group will be drawn up over the coming weeks and the first meeting will be arranged for the start of the academic year.

  1. That the University provide compensation for the stress and potential health and safety impact of this exposure produced by their negligence 

University of London members of staff have access to the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) through the staff benefits portal.  The EAP can provide confidential legal advice should anyone wish to discuss any individual circumstances or concerns.  The University has arranged for members of staff from Bouygues to also be able to contact the University’s EAP helpline. Contact details will be provided through Greg Hayman. The University does not accept that it has been negligent in respect of the management of University buildings.

  1. That the University contact ALL potentially affected ex-employees as soon as possible 

The University has received advice that it is reasonable for the University to focus contact on current employees and contractors at this time.  However, the University’s records include all those who we know are likely to have been exposed and should we be contacted by ex-employees in relation to this matter then we will share the information and advice that we have received.

  1. That the University immediately close and seal off the Student Central pool area 

The pool area is closed and sealed off.  Where access is still permitted, the University can confirm that this is because it is safe to do so.  No members of staff are being asked to work in any unsafe areas; a review of the estate has been carried out and any unsafe areas have been locked down with access only permitted to those who have had the appropriate training.

Best wishes


Amazing news from SOAS – all staff to be brought back in-house by September 2018 —

Amazing news from SOAS – all staff to be brought back in-house by September 2018

SOAS has agreed to bring all its core support workers in-house by September 2018, the school announced on Friday in an e-mail sent to all its students.

The announcement has brought forward by 12 months existing plans to self-deliver cleaning services by 2019, according to a letter sent by the University to the Student’s Union. It also extends the changes to apply to all of its core services staff; including catering, security and various other essential support staff. Overall this will bring in house more than 120 workers who currently are outsourced.

Under this agreement, all workers will be entitled to “equal terms and conditions with existing SOAS employees”, including sick pay, pensions and holidays. The changes will apply to all outsourced staff regardless of whether they are employed full-time, part-time, or on casual contracts.

This is a massive victory at SOAS – and also a sign of things to come at the University of London!

See the SOAS Justice for Workers page for more details!

End Precarious Labour! Demonstrate against Uber / support UoL outsoruced workers, 27 September — August 14, 2017

End Precarious Labour! Demonstrate against Uber / support UoL outsoruced workers, 27 September

The IWGB is planning a big precarious labour bonanza march through central London in September!

On the 27th of September Uber will be appealing last year’s Employment Tribunal decision which awarded ‘worker’ status to Uber drivers. The lead claimants in this case are members of the IWGB. We are going to march through central London to the Employment Appeal Tribunal in support of our members and all Uber drivers, and to show ‘gig economy’ bosses, the courts and the British public that we will not lie down as our employment rights are taken away!

On the same day at the University of London security officers, porters and postroom staff will be staging their next strike action – and the march will culminate back on the picket line at the University!

Expect music, dancing, shouting, banners, workers and supporters.

All forms of precarious labour – Deliveroo drivers, outsourced cleaners, researchers, those on zero-hour contracts, foster carers – are invited to come out and unite for Precarious Labour Strikes Back!

A recent report estimated that up to 10 million Britons are in insecure work. The way that ‘gig economy’ companies like Uber and Deliveroo withold employment rights from their workers is only one part of this. More and more of us find ourselves with little to no employment protections and lower real wages: uniting behind Uber drivers is a way of strengthening the fight back!

Facebook event here

Download the flyer here [PDF]

A sponsored walk for the IWGB Legal Department —

A sponsored walk for the IWGB Legal Department

A group from the IWGB are going to be walking the Thames on the 28th of October to raise funds for the IWGB legal department. This event is part of the London Legal Support Trust’s (LLST) Thames Walk which takes place on the 28th of October 2017. Last year, organising at the last minute, an IWGB team of five walkers managed to raise £3,000 in sponsorship for our legal centre. This year we can raise more!

We want more members to sign up for the walk, and/or sponsor us. We’ve set up a Virgin Giving page (for which LLST handles all the administration and charges no fee) and all the money raised goes back to the IWGB legal centre.

You can pledge money there, and there are also paper sponsorship forms available.

If you would like to take part in the walk, then write to Joe Trapido, ( If you want paper sponsorship forms I can get them for you as well (though it is easier for you to use the Virgin Giving page as it will collect the money automatically after the walk). You can walk or cycle and you can do the full 26 miles or you can do half the distance, starting in the morning at London Bridge or in the afternoon at Putney.

Please get all your friends, family, workmates, rich people you happen to know, etc. to give money, and please share the link on Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

Why the legal department?

The IWGB has a very effective legal department, and we devote far more man hours to defending members’ rights than a normal trade union. But this costs money and we regularly fundraise to make sure it can keep going. The department has two main roles – to handle the day-to-day problems that members have, especially related to disciplinary and grievance procedures, and to bring cases to court where this is necessary. The IWGB has won a series of important victories in the courts for our members, and all of this was based on the work of the legal department.

This helps you as a member because the legal department will fight for you in the most determined and professional way possible, if you have a problem. But it also helps because management learns quickly that you don’t mess with our legal department, so in the workplaces where they have made their mark, the casual forms of employer abuse that were once common disappear.

We do this as cheaply as possible (ask to see our accounts if you are in any doubt) but it does cost money! The legal department has office costs, and salary costs, and we urgently need to fund the position of a translator. So sign up, give us money, and tell the world about the sponsored Thames walk…

Keeping the lifeline going: The ESOL classes need your help —

Keeping the lifeline going: The ESOL classes need your help

Since its beginnings the IWGB has been offering English classes to its members. The interest in these courses has shown how vital it is for immigrants to get this kind of support, as it helps them increase their confidence and gives them the tools to navigate their daily lives in London.

In July 2016 the IWGB received private funding which allowed the union to start the Sadiq Scholarship Fund, and with that support we started the organisation of fully funded English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes. Since then, the course has been run by professional teachers and with no more than four students per class. The course has proved to be a big success, taking students from E1 level to E2 in less than a year.

As we move forward, IWGB is committed to the continuation and ongoing development of these classes. However, this past June was the last month the union received the private funding that allowed for the classes to be organised. Now we need your help to be able to keep providing these classes. We hope to raise funding not only to continue the current course at E2, but to also add an additional E1 course running in tandem, so that we can cater for a larger proportion of our members.

As Maya Refaat, one of the teachers and administrators of the programme has stated, “ESOL classes provide much more than a chance to learn English: they are a lifeline; a gateway to integrate into a new community, make new friends and combat loneliness, improve confidence and set sights on ambitions never before conceived to be possible.”

Please go to and donate whatever you can, so that we can keep the lifeline going.

UCU votes to accept low pay offer of 1.7% — August 2, 2017

UCU votes to accept low pay offer of 1.7%

In a very disappointing development, UCU members have voted to accept UCEA’s pay offer of 1.7%. This offer is substantially below inflation, and represents a real-terms pay cut, for yet another year. In June, inflation stood at 2.9%.

Turnout was 48.6%. 64.6% of members voted to accept the offer, and 51.4% of members voted that they would not be prepared to take industrial action.

You can view the full report on the vote on the UCU’s site.

The IWGB has consistently argued for negotiating position based on a starting offer of at least 5% – which is still considerably below what staff would be receiving had pay risen in line with inflation. If you’ve got any questions about the UCEA negotiations or next steps, please get in touch.