Save Whitechapel’s Hopetown Hostel! — November 2, 2017

Save Whitechapel’s Hopetown Hostel!

38 Degrees and Sisters Uncut have started a petition to save a womens’ hostel in Whitechapel – we’d encourage you to read and sign it! You can sign the petition here.

Tower Hamlets council is evicting over 100 vulnerable residents from Hopetown women-only hostel in Whitechapel. The council is closing the hostel and cutting women-only hostel beds in the borough by one third. They have issued eviction notices and are forcing residents to move to mixed gender accommodation or sending them miles away out of borough.

East End Sisters Uncut are calling on Tower Hamlets council to:

  • Keep Hopetown Hostel open
  • Retain ALL of its women-only hostel beds
  • Invest in social housing and support services for women and non-binary people


Don’t forget to vote in the ICE election! — November 1, 2017

Don’t forget to vote in the ICE election!

If you work anywhere in UoLIA, don’t forget to vote in the election to select UoLIA reps for the new staff forum.

The IWGB are standing 4 candidates – Catherine MorrisseyNic CharltonRebecca Dooley and  Bill Kelliher – and it would be great if you could vote for them AND please encourage your colleagues to do the same.

You’ve seen the efforts we’ve made in fighting for London Weighting and now fighting to have outsourced staff brought in-house – we want the chance to do the same thing on behalf of people who work in UoLIA.

You should have had an email with 5 votes – if you can vote for the IWGB candidates and ask others to do the same that would be fantastic!

Hope that makes sense – just let Catherine ( know if you have any questions.

Voting runs until this Wednesday 8 November!

Outsourced workers’ stories —

Outsourced workers’ stories

Last week we handed out a series of flyers with stories from outsourced workers at the University of London – some anonymised – which described their experiences at the hands of the various companies that have held University of London contracts over the years. In case you missed them, you can download the collection of flyers here as a PDF: Outsourcing Flier_03

IWGB President Henry Chango Lopez takes RCM Director to task! —

IWGB President Henry Chango Lopez takes RCM Director to task!

At yesterday’s surprise protest at the Royal College of Music, our President, Henry Chango Lopez, came face-to-face with Richard Wistreich, one of the Directors of the College. Faced with his platitudes, Henry made it clear to him that our threat to strike is the result of a lack of communication from RCM – and gave him a lecture on how an educational institution should behave towards its workers! You can watch the exchange on our Facebook pages by follwing the link below:

IWGB issues notice of ballot for strike action against Tenon FM at Royal College of Music! — October 26, 2017

IWGB issues notice of ballot for strike action against Tenon FM at Royal College of Music!


After our members at the Royal College of Music raised concerns about Tenon FM’s plan to slash cleaners’ hours, we tried to raise the issue with RCM managers.

We’ve been disappointed by the lack of response, and so we’ve issued Tenon FM with notice that we’re balloting for strike action. We expect the ballot to open on 2 November.

If you’ve got any questions about this, please get in touch with Danny.

Huge support for bringing staff in-house — October 24, 2017

Huge support for bringing staff in-house

We’ve sent Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Adrian Smith a petition from UoL and NHS staff calling for colleagues to be brought in-house – it got an amazing 556 signatures in just a few weeks! The text of our letter is below:

Dear Sir Adrian

Please find attached 556 signatures from University of London and NHS staff calling for their outsourced colleagues to be brought in-house.

These were collected in just a couple of weeks – obviously more staff would have signed, but there’s only so much time even we can spend collecting signatures!

There is an overwhelming consensus that we want to be ONE University, and to end this unfair two-tier system.

Once again we call on you to announce that these staff will be brought in-house with immediate effect, and fully consulted over the process by which this happens.

Best wishes


We’re also going to be outside Senate House every day this week flyering and raising awareness for the campaign with workers’ stories – come and join us between 12-2pm or 4:45-6pm at the Russell Square entrance!

ICE elections to be held in UoLIA! — October 20, 2017

ICE elections to be held in UoLIA!


As there are 8 candidates for 5 ICE rep positions in UoLIA, there are going to be elections!

IWGB is standing four candidates, and would urge you to vote for them all to ensure this forum represents a strong voice for staff!

Read our candidates’ full statements: Nic Charlton, Rebecca Dooley, Bill Kelliher, Catherine Morrissey

IWGB has been established at the University since 2012 and now represents well over 100 in-house staff, as well as around 250 outsourced workers – that makes us the biggest union on campus. It’s important for outsourced staff to have a voice here as well as us, and that’s one of the things we want to bring to this forum.

Of course, directly employed staff like you and me are the focus of ICE as well and we think we can help shake things up! We take a different approach to the traditional unions: for instance, with London Weighting we organised a huge staff petition and several public meetings on that a few years ago and had HR really worried! The eventual deal wasn’t perfect, but we don’t think any acceptable offer would have been made at all without the pressure IWGB applied. We’re an alternative voice for staff that can really make a difference.

In addition, you may have seen us around the University lately, supporting and representing outsourced staff in their campaign. In just six months we’ve pushed UoL from saying “outsourcing isn’t our concern” to “we’re conducting a review of outsourcing”! We also do a lot of casework here for staff of all grades, and get great results on individual and institutional levels.

We’re innovative and adaptive: outside UoL we’re defining UK law on the ‘gig economy’. We’re still growing here and elsewhere, and have had a string of wins against employers in the courts. We’re proactive and effective in driving change in everything we do, and could achieve so much more at UoL in a forum like ICE.

The ICE forum will run alongside the University’s other ‘recognition’ meetings, which the two other unions attend. So Unison and UCU will continue to be consulted in this way. We’re asking you to vote for IWGB candidates in the ICE forum, because we think we have a different and equally valid contribution to make.

You don’t have to join our union to benefit from our work in the ICE forum. We promise to listen to you, fight your corner and communicate with you – this is a staff forum, and it’s about giving staff back some real power!

If you have any questions about this, please email Rebecca (

ICE Forum update – 20 October 2017 —

ICE Forum update – 20 October 2017

We’re finally getting there! The first full meeting of the Information and Consultation Forum has now been scheduled for Monday 27th November 2017 from 2pm – 3.30pm in Montague Room, G26.

Most departments have now confirmed their reps, with the ones we know (HR are running the process in a slightly cagey fashion) as follows:

CoSector: Adam Lucette (IWGB) and Colin Watson (IWGB)

HEE: Joseph Parrott (IWGB)

P & FM: Jelony Nwaneri (IWGB)

School of Advanced Study: Lindsey Caffin (IWGB), Danny Millum (IWGB), Mark Murphy (IWGB), Damien Short (IWGB)

Senate House Library: Jordan Landes (IWGB) and Elizabeth Morcom (IWGB)

You might be noticing a pattern here! We are really pleased to have so many keen members and to be representing these areas – we’ll be adding more contact details BUT for now just drop Danny a line ( with any questions.

Planes Campaña Back in House — October 18, 2017

Planes Campaña Back in House

Semana 16 Octubre: Danny más otros activistas van a pedir a los empleados directos de la universidad que rellenen una petición apoyando la campaña y exigiendole a la universidad que contrate directamente a los trabajadores que ahora están tercerizados.

Semana 23 Octubre: Mesas de información/piquetes fuera de Senate House, con volantes, musica, banderas, musica. Vamos a tener al menos 10 trabajadores, empleados directos, tercerizados, estudiantes y activistas cubriendo dosturnos cada dia – el de la mañana (12:00-14:00) y tarde (16:45-18:30). Yo estare dando los turnos a los reps y activistas esta semana y preparare también volantes (que incluirán testimonios por parte de los trabajadores) esta proxima semana.

23 Octubre 15:30: Reunion con los reps de la campaña en el bar del Insitute of Education.

25 Octubre 17:00: Reunion con estudiantes de UCL que quieren lanzar una campaña para apoyar a los trabajadores externalizados de University of London.

Semana 6 Noviembre: Lanzamos nuevos videos de campaña que incluyen entrevistas con estudiantes y cleaners. Hablare tambien con Novara Media a ver si ellos tambien pueden hacer un video.

Semana 13 Noviembre: Hacemos todas las preparaciones necesarias para la protesta que haremos en Foundation Day.

21 Noviembre: PROTESTA DEL FOUNDATION DAY Y DE LA VISITA DE LA PRINCESA ANNA! Security, recepcionistas, porters y la sala de correos hacen huelga y piquete a partir de las 14:00. A las 18:00 TODOS, – incluidos los cleaners, estudiantes y activistas – Lanzan la protesta principal fuera Senate House. ¡Todos deberiamos traer cacerolas y ollas (y tapones), para hacer un mega cacerolazo recontra ruidoso! Ponganse en contacto conmigo si tienen otras ideas para la protesta.